Monday, August 10, 2009

Josh Hamilton, "I Am A Human, I Still Have Struggles"

Josh Hamilton like all addicts has and will have ongoing struggles with addiction. This is not something new to anyone that has experienced addiction as an addict, loved one or family member. Josh Hamilton, the Texas Rangers center fielder slipped up from his recovery and drank alcohol in an Arizona bar in January of this year.

On Saturday morning August 8th an internet site, Deadspin posted 12 photos of Hamilton drinking and partying in a Tempe, Arizona bar before the start of this season. They pictured Hamilton with several young women, without his shirt on in several of the photos. Hamilton is never pictured drinking or doing drugs.

Hamilton immediately addressed the media in Anaheim prior to the Texas Rangers game with the Angels, and confessed to drinking that night in January. He says the incident was a one-time thing. "I'm embarrassed about it," said Hamilton, who is married and has children. "I can't have alcohol”. It's a realization. It's amazing how those things creep back in”.

Most baseball players will not spend time with the media talking about what they do during their personal time. However the reason this story has received so much press is because of Hamilton’s promotion of himself and his struggles with addiction that very nearly cost him his Major league career.

During the offseason, Hamilton toured, promoting his best-selling book “Beyond Belief, Finding The Strength To Come Back”. Because of his performance during the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium, and constant coverage by the media of his comeback, Hamilton gained thousands of dedicated followers.

I too will confess myself to be one of those dedicated followers of Josh Hamilton. However I do have a question or two for Hamilton, his family and friends, as well as his Texas Rangers family. Where were you? A person such as Josh Hamilton does not just go out on their own to some random bar in Tempe Arizona! Where were you? It’s not as if you all didn’t know of his struggles. Where were you? Josh in your faith in yourself and God, Where were you?

In the end will this change my dedication as a fan of Josh Hamilton, No! If anything his handling of the situation has shown me that in this day and age of the prim donna superstar that cheats their way to the top with performance enhancing drugs, there are still a few stand up players out there that will seek responsibility and take responsibility for their own actions.

Does Josh Hamilton really owe us an explanation? I say no. I believe that the only person’s he owes an explanation to is, His Family, His Close Personal Friends, and The Texas Rangers. All of which he confessed to the day after the incident happened in January. I realize that’s not good enough for a lot of you. To you I say he gave you all the explanation you need when Hamilton said,

“I am a human. I still have struggles”

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