Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Texas Rangers, "Tomorrow Is A New Day" Or Is It Over?

Well Texas Rangers Baseball fans, I think that I can sum up Game 2 in Oakland against the A’s in one phrase, “Total Loss Of Confidence”. All it took was one total and complete melt down in the 9th inning of game 1 on Monday, and injuries to key players (Kinsler, Cruz). Combine this with the arrival of rookie Joaquin Arias (that is not pulling his weight in the field or at the plate) call up to replace Kinsler, and Josh Hamilton’s total break down at the plate and boom there you have it! “It’s a bad day for me on defense,” Arias said. “Tomorrow is a new day.”

Well Mr. Arias you had better wake up! Tomorrow could be the end of the Rangers playoff hopes! Tomorrow is today!

Derek Holland walked too many batters in his encore performance after a career-best outing last week. It’s as though he is Jekyl and Hyde as a pitcher! “They got away with a couple of them,”said Holland, who was trying to duplicate his effort last Thursday against the Mariners. “I was trying to do too much out there. I’m trying to make too many perfect pitches, and the ball started getting away.”

The defense didn’t make the plays it usually has this season. You could just see the loss of confidence permeate the whole team as they continued to fail time after time.
The Rangers were held without a hit until the fifth inning, and only one walk as they hacked, missed and chased curveball after curveball from left-hander Gio Gonzalez who entered the game with a 7.38 ERA, and an opponents average of .323

Third baseman Michael Young who continued his hitting streak (11 Games) said “In the end, it doesn’t matter,” Young said. “We didn’t score any runs. They push one across, and they win.”

The Rangers didn’t lose any ground in the playoff picture despite losing a second consecutive game. The Los Angeles Angels, and The Boston Red Sox both lost, and the Rangers stayed 4 1/2 games back in the American League West and 3 back in the wild-card race.

The only possible good news for the Rangers on Wednesday night is they won’t be facing another left-hander. The A’s right-hander Chad Reineke, who will be called up from Triple A Sacramento will get the start.

Ron Washington who suddenly has gotten away from the great small ball style he was playing said “We’ve got to bounce back, put some runs on the board and play baseball the way we know we can play.”

Bottom line is this series against Oakland could cost the Rangers! They need to Play like they want to be in the playoffs, “Tomorrow is another day”? What if Tomorrow never comes!

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